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True Italian Gelato is much like bread, it tastes best when it is made fresh!

Lorenzo Franchetti
Italian Chef Lorenzo Franchetti brings Milan’s own artisanal gelato shop, Gelato Giusto to New York City. Lorenzo, born and raised in Milan, visited in New York for the first time at 5 years old. He instantly knew he wanted to return, falling in love with the city’s high-energy atmosphere and culinary culture. Raised by true Italian parents, Lorenzo loved watching his parents cook almost as much as he loved eating their cooking. Although the course of his life took him elsewhere, working as an insurance broker for 13 years, he finally returned at age 40 to realize his one true passion: gelato.

After being introduced to Gelato Giusto through a friend and having a cup or two (or 50) of their product, Lorenzo knew he wanted to make gelato. He serendipitously forged a friendship with the head chef of Gelato Giusto, Vittoria.

When he announced his plans to expand the shop to New York City, Vittoria didn’t believe him. Lorenzo chose New York, as he was unsatisfied with New York’s gelato. He found that it was imported from long distances, made with chemical additives and food colorings, and did not have the authentic Italian taste. Lorenzo decided to pursue his dream, graduating from Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna. He then worked as an apprentice under Vittoria, learning Gelato Giusto’s secret recipes and techniques. After his training, Lorenzo took the plunge and moved to New York City. After three different apartments, a long search for the perfect store, and an even longer period for renovations, Gelato Giusto NYC became a reality on January 19, 2015!

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Lorenzo Franchetti
New York based Gelatiere

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Gelato Giusto
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Vittoria Bortolazzo
Milan based Chef


We love to make it in front of everybody as a way of forging a transparent relationship between the customer and us.

We proudly prepare artisanal gelato daily in our lab, which is easily seen through the glass behind the counter. We love to make it in front of all our customers, forging trust between you and us. We hope to show you that, at Gelato Giusto, our Gelato is different.

At Gelato Giusto, we use only the highest quality ingredients – without any preservatives, artificial flavors, or coloring agents. Our Gelato is made from local milk and cream, while our sorbetto is made from local, seasonal fruit. For our Italian specialties, we import pistacchio and hazelnut pastes straight from Italy

Chef Lorenzo Franchetti also concocts special infusions with freshly brewed coffee and tea and locally grown herbs for special flavors like earl gray tea, matcha green tea, coffee, basil, ginger and lime, and mint. All recipes are developed by Vittoria and Lorenzo, sticking to Italian tradition while adjusting to New Yorkers’ tastes. Flavors change daily depending on season and occasion, with special flavors for holidays such as Valentine’s Day Mascarpone and Strawberry.

We are so happy to offer you Gelato prepared daily with the utmost care –true Italian gelato is much like bread, it tastes best when it is made fresh!

My goal is to create a gelato of "haute patisserie"

Gelato Gisuto was founded in Milano on 17 Via San Gregorio on June 25, 2009. It is a small shop run by Victoria Bertolazzo, graduate of the Academy of French Pastry Le Cordon Bleu. Specializing in pastries and pralines, she returned to Milano to give life to her dream of opening a gelateria. She found a quaint space not far from the city center. After opening, it was a huge success.

Gelato Giusto’s product is made daily and the ingredients are always fresh and authentic.

Her imaginative and daring recipes ranged from the usual to the most sophisticated and unexpected.. In the shop, you will find flavors such as pistachio, basil, “Scent of Spring” (mascarpone, strawberries, and meringue), and ginger and lime, with always a healthy mix of gelato and sorbet.

Her imaginative and daring recipes range from the classic to the most sophisticated and unexpected. In the shop, you will find flavors such as pistachio, basil, “Scent of Spring” (mascarpone, strawberries, and meringue), and ginger and lime, with always a healthy mix of gelato and sorbet. Vittoria even developed a special celebratory flavor for the Salone del Mobil, Milan’s famous annual furniture sale: Ice Beer Moretti Grand Cru with lemon caramel and hazelnuts

We can taste the difference and know you can to.

Gelato shops today often lure customers in with bright and colorful Gelato. Unfortunately, this is often a result of food coloring. Most gelato stores make their product with mixes and powders that do not result in fresh and authentic flavors. Even in Italy, Gelato stores have succumbed to this temptation. We believe our customer base in New York City knows better. Our Gelato is always made with the freshest ingredients and without food coloring. We can taste the difference and know you can to.


Authentic gelato is a delicate frozen mixture of air and liquid. This simple treat is made with simple and fresh ingredients: milk, sugar, fresh fruits, and nuts.

Authentic gelato must be made fresh in order to achieve a premium taste and a creamy consistent texture. When it is shipped or stored for too long the temperature fluctuates and causes the water content in the mixture to separate from the other ingredients. This causes ice crystals to form, degrading its texture and taste in a matter of days. Then, the magic of fresh made gelato is gone.


In order for large companies to ship their gelato from a faculty to a retail location, the producers must fortify their products with fats(mono and di-glycerides), gums, and chemical stabilizers. These unnatural fortifiers act to keep the product from separating and crystalizing. Since these invisible ingredients often dull the flavors, they often produce a greasy “mouth feel.” To mask this, industrial producers add strong unnatural flavorings, extracts, and food colorings.

Gelato and ice cream are made very differently.

Gelato is generally prepared in small batches, whereas ice cream can be produced in industrial quantities. Ice cream is prepared using higher concentrations of cream, whereas gelato is made with a mix of milk and cream. This results in ice cream having fat contents of up to 30%, whereas Gelato has fat contents of up to only 6%.
Another major difference is the amount of air that is incorporated. Ice cream is churned fast resulting in much larger quantities of air; gelato, on the other hand, is churned at low speeds, resulting in 50% less air than ice cream. Finally, gelato is served 5 to 10 degrees warmer than ice cream. All of this results in a richer and more flavorful taste!

Sorbetto sometimes called, or used as, a palate cleanser.

Artisanal sorbetto and gelato are made with similar processes; the only difference is that sorbet is made with water and gelato is made with milk.
Because of this, gelato will usually have a creamier texture, while Sorbetto is lighter; gelato is be higher in fat content, whereas sorbetto is fat free.

Today's Flavors

Building gelato is truly an art, and Gelato Giusto is unwavering in their commitment to authenticity. There are never any artificial flavorings, hydrogenated fats, preservatives or food colorings used in the lab. Using only quality seasonal ingredients from local sources, every visit to the store invites you to have a new culinary adventure. We do not have big stock: we produce what we think we will sell.

Don't be upset, try flavors you never tasted before!

April 23, 2018
  • Chocolate
  • Pistacchio
  • Stracciatella
  • Espresso
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate Sorbet
  • Blackcurrant Sorbet
  • Hazelnut Sorbet
  • Pear Sorbet
  • Licorice Gelato
  • Banana Sorbet
  • Yogurt Gelato

    What makes our Gelato Different?

    Freshly made

    Our gelato is made fresh everyday in our on-site laboratory.

    No Artificial Preservatives

    Our gelato is never made with hydrogenated fats, artificial flavorings, preservatives or food coloring.

    Quality Ingredients

    We choose only fresh season ingredients from local sources. You might not be able to find your favorite flavor. It is worth the risk: you will be sure to find gelato that is fresh

    Vegan Friendly

    Milk is not essential. Sometimes it's better without.

    We Are Creative

    Our imaginative and daring recipes range from the classic to the most sophisticated and unexpected.

    Friendly and courteous staff

    If you ever have any questions about our product or their ingredients, please don’t hesitate to ask. The more you know about their ingredients, the more you will appreciate our Gelato.

    What people say?

    Their small-batch artisanal gelato is as good as (or dare I say even better than) in Italy. They also have lots of rich sorbets(hazelnut, chocolate, etc.), Italian sandwiches, a great atmosphere and service, and real Italian breakfast, complete with imported cornetti and an honest espresso/cappuccino!

    Gino M.

    What people say?

    Delicious, very creamy gelato. I was here one recently and it became instantly one of my two to-go places for gelato in Manhattan. I'm usually underwhelmed by the ice cream here, but this one has all the flavor, texture and feeling of a real cream. Strongly recommended!

    Javier Kohen

    What people say?

    Eventually this Milano's premium gelato maker has opened its NYC branch. The flagship store in Milan is always listed among the 20 best gelato stores in Italy, and the founder, Ms Maria Vittoria, though still very young, received many recognitions and awards for its skills and products. The store is run by Mr Lorenzo, who is very friendly and outgoing. Interiors are nice, the store provides also cafeteria services and pastries. Gelato recipes are original and seasonal, that means you won't likely find flavors that are not made with seasonal products. Everlasting hits like stracciatella, hazelnut, or chocolate sorbet, and creative flavors like earl grey tea are not to be missed. The prices are almost the same as in Italy, and therefore low for NYC, and particularly for the quality of the gelato. And we are talking about gelato, not ice cream, which is a different thing (and of lower quality). I am also relieved that the only bad review (one star) is by a customer who doesn't even think that what matters is the quantity of gelato sold, not the shape of the cup, and the quantity is always the same, regardless of the shape of the cup, which by the way is made of paper, and has therefore a mandatory double and raised bottom, otherwise it would get wet and melt. Paper cups have this functional shape. And are better than plastic cups. I would highly recommend you drop by this store, and you won't be able to eat gelato anywhere else.



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    Katherine Knowles | 17 September, 2015
    It’s an ethos that sets Gelato Giusto (164 Ninth Avenue, 212-647-1111) apart. “I come in at seven every morning and I make the day’s gelato," Franchetti says. "I only have one batch freezer, so it takes awhile, but it's worth it. By 10 a.m., all the gelato is ready.”
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    MY SUNDAE BEST | 15 October, 2015
    The place has a relaxed, chic cafe vibe, with an authentic Italian espresso machine and plenty enough comfortable seating, inviting you to relax a while longer than many ice cream spots.
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    Billy Lyons | 20 August, 2014
    New Yorkers suffering from gelato withdrawal after returning from Italy have a reason to smile. Gelato Giusto, a Milan-based chain, is coming to Chelsea, bringing its authentic flavors to America for the first time..
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